Sunday, August 7, 2011

Pricing War

I've been warring over myself about pricing for a good long while now, and I've decided that there needs to be some sort of standardization, so I've compiled a comprehensive list of "stuff that goes into making a book". And I've assigned a monetary value to each of these items. That way, I can price things realistically, and if people are like "why do you charge so much?" I can just refer them back to this list.
Micro Mini Journal for Reference

Stuff That Goes Into Making A Book:

$10 1-2 hours
$20 3-4 hours
$30 5-6 hours
$40 7+ hours
$3 Custom orders

Mini Journal for reference
$1 Micro Mini
$2 Mini, 100+
$3 Moleskine
$4 Regular size, up to 200
$5 Regular size, 200+
$6 Premium

Regular Sized Journal for reference
Base Materials (thread, glue, etc.):
$1 Mini
$2 Regular

Casebound Materials:
$1 Cover paper
$1 Board
$1 Mini bookcloth spine
$2 Regular bookcloth spine
$2 Mini full bookcloth cover
Quarter Leather for reference
$4 Regular full bookcloth cover
$1 Bookcloth corners
$1 Mini handsewn head/endbands
$2 Regular handsewn head/endbands
$6 Mini quarter leather (spine is leather)
$10 Regular quarter leather (spine is leather)
$1 Cardstock endpages
$1 Vintage paper endpages
$2 Specialty paper endpages
$1 Mini specialty paper endpages

Leather for Leather Journals:
$2 Micro mini (~1 1/2"x1 1/4")
$5 Mini (~3"x2 1/2")
$10 Medium (~4"x3" - ~5"x4")
$20-30 Large (larger than above)

$2 small
$4 large
$4 lace
$1 thread/ribbon
$1 button (each)
$7 chain for book necklace

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