Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Oh! the Horror, the Horror!

Unbelievably, I'm not really accident prone. (When I am, however, I do so dramatically.) I fractured my ankle once while dancing (horribly); I cut my arm from wrist to elbow climbing on a lego bucket to get something (I'm very short (5'1")); and once I tried to remove my cat from a precarious position (without her permission) and ended up with a gauzed arm for a week. Still, in my 23 year life-span, three not-really-so-serious accidents deserves bragging rights at least.

So, you can imagine my consternation at being injured while bookbinding (not the most dangerous of hobbies ever). I made a tiny book to put in a tiny bottle, and while the book might have been okay with me stuffing it in, the bottle protested by SHATTERING INTO MY HAND. 

I had several stab wounds, which have mostly healed now without much difficulty. It's lucky the miniature glass bottles came in a two pack. The second much more willingly accepted the little book. Now I can legitimately say my blood, sweat, and tears go into my work (though not literally, because that's just gross). 

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