Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Mini Book Necklace Tutorial

1. To make this mini book necklace gather these supplies: one sheet of paper (I used Wausau stationery), a small paint brush, scissors, super/scrim, PVA glue, linen thread, bees wax, silk head bands, leather, decorative paper, a sewing needle, an awl, two jump rings, a silk cord, a charm, and a short bit of lace.
2. Fold and tear into 16 (5mm tall x 3 1/4mm wide) rectangles, then fold those in half again.
3. Place five of the folios inside each other to form five sections.
4. Punch two holes in each section with an awl.

5. Wax your linen thread. (Or buy pre-waxed linen.)
6. Insert the needle into the first hole and out the other.
7. Then put it through the corresponding hole in the second section and through the other hole.
8. Tie the two ends of thread together and insert the needle through the first hole in the third section.
9. Insert the needle between the thread spanning the first and second section. This is called the kettle stitch.
10. Complete the fourth and fifth section in the same way. Finally, tie a knot to finish.
11. Snip off the excess thread ends.

12. Glue up the spine with the PVA glue. Press under a larger book until dry.
13. Attach the super/scrim to the spine with glue. Press with your fingers or brush to make sure it's secure.
14. After letting it dry, cut silk headbands to the appropriate size and glue to the spine.
15. The finished spine will look like this. For extra security, add paper to cover the spine.
16. Glue the endpages with a narrow line of glue next to the crease. Trim if they're too large.
17. Your finished book block will look like this.

18. Cut the leather to near the size you need. 
19. Spread the glue on both the leather and endpage, making sure that the the holes in the super are filled. 
20. Attach the book block to the leather and glue up the spine. 
21. After pressing the leather to the spine, glue the other endpage to the leather. 
22. Trim excess edges. 
23. Allow to dry beneath your book press. Afterward, you'll make it into a charm.  

24. Open to a page near the center and punch a hole near the top where you'll place a jump ring.
25. Guide the ring through the hole and close.
26. If you'd like a lace or leather tie, use an exacto knife to cut a line in the front cover. Then, put the tie through and tie.
27. Your book charm is done! Hang it on your cord, and voilà!

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  1. I bought a similar leather book necklace at a craft fair two years ago and I've been wearing it all the time since (as in at least twice a week!). It still holds up great but I'd love to have some more necklaces in other colors - thanks for the GREAT tutorial! I'll just have to figure out where to get the supplies and I'll make one (or two or a couple...) of these :)

  2. This is great, thanks for sharing looking forward to making one!

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  4. WOW so cool by cant wait to do it


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