Saturday, March 17, 2012

The Spring Break Challenge

My sister and I never have overlapping Spring Breaks, so she came to visit last week though I was still busy with school work (and that damn essay). And at the end of her stay, we decided to make a bet: I said I could have 50 books in my shop by the end of my Spring Break, and, of course, she said I couldn't.

At the beginning I had 26 books in my shop. So I posted ten. Then I sold two. And I posted six. And sold  another. So now I have 39, and it doesn't look very promising. It's Saturday and I have a shopping adventure planned later today. Which means I have two days, still, to post 11 books. Will I make it? I definitely feel the underdog.

Here are some of the journals I've posted for the challenge:

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  1. Very nice! I love your soft-bound leather designs, and your journal necklaces (so cute!). I was far too busy to do any bookbinding over my own spring break, but I'm planning on catching up over the summer. [Thanks for being an inspiration. I really enjoy reading your posts!]


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