Friday, March 23, 2012

Third Giveaway!

Last night I finished the first of this new technique I'm trying--a faux cord-bound hollow-backed quarter-leather (what a bunch of jargon!). Basically, it's a normal book, with decorative cords rising out of the leather on the spine. 

It's so pretty, isn't it? Reminds me of Cecily from The Importance of Being Earnest. 

Anyway, I'm giving this little beauty away to one of my fantastic readers. Here's how to win, do one or more of the following:

(Note: if you've already completed the following in one of my previous giveaways, you're still eligible to win!)

1. Like my page of Facebook, here.
2. Follow me on Twitter @MakingMyRent
3. Follow my blog.
4. Purchase something from my shop. 
5. Favorite my shop on Etsy.
6. Follow my pinboard on Pinterest here
7. or write a comment on this blog post detailing which list items you did. 

All my best luck to everyone, and may the most devout follower win!

In other news: I've begun renewing some sold books as made to order, so if you missed one you loved, there just might be a chance for you yet! 

Also, the Tax Refund Sale's still going on. Enter the coupon code GOTMYREFUND for 15% off anything in my shop.

Lastly, and most importantly, I'll be doing an Artist Feature of the lovely miniature bookbinder Patricia Sweet soon. She's answered my exhaustive questions about her work and about miniature books in general. Keep a look out, but in case you're too impatient, find her shop here.


  1. Such a pretty book!

    I follow your blog, your Pinterest board and like you on Facebook :)

  2. Hi! I follow your blog, have your shop favorited, bought a book a few days ago, like your FB page, and now follow you on pinterest! I hope that's enough for an entry!


  3. 1. Done ages ago!
    2. Done recently, but reluctantly. You know I hate Twitter!
    3. Already done.
    4. Still don't know what to put in it!
    5. Did that before I bought something.
    6. Waiting for my invitation. You seriously have to be invited to join Pintrest?
    7. To find out what all I have done, please re-read 1-6. Have a wonderful day!

  4. Wow! Gorgeous book! Your hardback books are so beautiful. :)

    1. Done!
    2. Now I do!
    3. Done, and I thoroughly enjoy reading it.
    4. Haven't personally, but I asked for and received one of your books for Christmas (it's awesome)!
    5. Of course!
    6. Not on Pinterest, or I would. :)

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