Thursday, May 31, 2012

Embroidering My Thumbs Off

I'm crafty in more than the *evilly maniacal* sense. I knit, I paint, I hot glue gun...basically, I'm your grandmother's wet dream of a granddaughter. My own grandma taught me to embroider, and I've been doing some of that recently. Here's an example of when my grandma skillz meet my whovian geekery:

I'm thinking of opening an embroidery shop on Etsy, but every time I really consider it I think: "Way to pick a craft even less likely to be appreciated than the one you've already established." Besides, there are plenty of wonderful embroiderers on Etsy already.

Moxiedoll is "practically perfect in every way", and she should know since she embroidered it herself

ThePhantomMoon has fantastic Harry Potter embroidered geekery as well as Internet Slang in sign language.  
OooohStitchy has the BEST geekery, including phrases in
Whedonish, Mean Girls,  Princess Bride,  30 Rock,  Doctor Who, and The Goonies

whatnomints has wonderful taste in embroidered science geekery, including this custom constellation beauty.  

velmamade has great Buffy geekery (as seen above)
as well as this "sing me soft kitty" hoop and these Whovian hoops here.

dearmoonbeams knows what's cool (i.e. Doctor Who and Jane Austen too).

More to come, unless people object (but probably still anyway).

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