Friday, July 6, 2012

Poor Little Abandoned Blog...

...nobody reads you. I feel very sorry for having neglected you for so long but I've been very very busy.

I'm working now on catching up on custom orders as well as make a few little fun books to keep me from throwing a tantrum and putting my shop on vacation. Also, summer sucks. It really really does. Everyone's concerned with the drought and don't care at all that they are supposed to be BUYING MY BOOKS!!!!

I can see why "Christmas in July" exists (albeit very very stupidly). I refuse to participate in it, and I will never be desperate enough to, but I can see why people do it. Summer is the worst time of year to sell things, and I like to believe it's because everyone's outside experimentally grilling Funyuns, spraying their children with hoses, and chucking Frisbees at their neighbors' dogs so they run into the underground electric fence--but that's simply not true. If one goes by the happenings of my apartment complex, everyone's outside grilling meat into char, playing volleyball, and accruing millions of possibly cancerous cells in hopes of winning the "darkest tan" award on the first day back to school.

Perhaps people will realize their erroneous ways soon and buy out my entire store, but then again, probably not. Someone did, however, buy this little beauty (above) about half an hour after I posted it. She has very good taste, and it's probably because she hasn't been eating charred Funyuns.


  1. :D I hear what you're saying! Summer are so low on sales for me that I'd rather close my shop and go in vacation for a few weeks. If you can't beat them, join them :)

    Love the book, by the way!

  2. Well I just found you, poor abandoned blog! I hope your Amber gets a fabulous job soon, and starts you up again!


  3. Hahaha. Are you still making/selling these?
    Darkest tan award? That sounds... Unhealthy. XD


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